An individual injured in an accident as the result of the negligence of another is entitled to be compensated for his or her damages. These damages include the cost of medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering and inconvenience. This article focuses on damages related to pain, suffering and inconvenience.

When assessing damages which arise from a negligence claim, determination of medical bills and lost wages is often pretty straight-forward. For medical bills, the total cost of all bills is added together. For lost wages, the total amount of money lost from one’s job as a result of the accident are calculated. The determination of a money amount associated with one’ pain, suffering and inconvenience experienced as a result of an automobile accident presents a challenge.

Injured individuals are asked to keep a written journal which begins on the day of the accident. Even if one starts this journal several days after the accident, it is prudent to go back and document the missing days since the incident. In doing so, one not only preserves the memory of how the accident happened and the events which occurred immediately thereafter, he or she also constructs a written account of subsequent medical treatment, lost days of work, and the pain, suffering and inconvenience experienced as a result of the accident.

Each of us are affected differently by the injuries which result from the accident. Some may experience different levels of physical pain which prohibit or greatly reduce their ability to engage in their daily activities. These daily activities may include walking, running, exercising, sitting, playing with their children, etc. Others may experience more emotional suffering or increased fear as a direct result of the incident. For example, it is not unusual for an injured party to have great trepidation while driving after an automobile accident. Many people encounter a great deal of inconvenience when they have to go out and purchase a new automobile after their old one is totaled in an accident. In addition, it is very inconvenient for many to attend the numerous medical appointments associated with their attempt to recover from the injuries.

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