An automobile accident occurs. The injured individual is transported from the scene to the local hospital. Emergency physicians treat the injury and release the individual from the facility. What should happen next?

When an individual is injured in an automobile accident, his or her primary focus should be on working with medical providers to effectively resolve the resulting condition. Therefore, it is critical that the injured person clearly, truthfully and concisely verbalize all physical and psychological complaints to providers and follow the specific instructions of physicians.

From a legal claim standpoint, documentation of the injury is a very important part of the process in determining the value of the claim. The legal cause of action that an injured party has against another who causes an accident is based on a claim for negligence. Once the requirements for a negligence claim have been demonstrated, an individual must also prove the value of his or damages which result from the negligence of the other driver. The cost of medical treatment is one type of damage that an individual can recover in a negligence matter.

The records that are generated by one’s medical providers are utilized to provide the documentation required to prove that the injuries sustained by the individual were caused by the accident. The associated bills provide the basis for part of one’s damage claim. This documentation will not only assist your physician in assessing and treating your injuries but also in preserving your legal rights to recover your damages from the individual who caused the accident.

Delaying treatment or failing to follow the directions of your health care providers can have serious detrimental effects on your health as well as any legal claim that you may make to recover damages incurred as a result of the automobile accident. By understanding your rights, the proper steps can be taken to resolve your injuries and protect your legal interests.